Renew Online Now Dealer License Changes for 2023

DMV is slowing moving forward

You will NOT receive an invoice in the mail from DMV for your dealer license renewal.

This new policy requires you to go to this website page:


Here is the step by step guide to activate your

DMV Dealer License Management Account

Once you have created your account

you will need to verify your dealer license information

and upload your DMV Continuing Education Certificate OL256

You will then pay your dealer license fees online

either by direct ACH or credit card with fee surcharge.

We are the only dealer education provider to provide

Same Day Direct to DMV Renewal Certification.

We will create & issue your OL 256 certificate of completion

and deliver it to you digitally for immediate upload.

We also deliver a digital copy to DMV Licensing HQ in Sacramento.

We make it simple for you.

We are the most experienced DMV educators in California.

Renew Online Now

DMV Licensed since 1998

TriStar Motors of San Francisco


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